Archive material revisited

Connected to Dot?

Dot Allison first found fame with One Dove before enjoying a successful solo career. Andy McCulloch reviews some of his old writings and provides a snapshot of their separate lives, which do in fact have an element of synchronicity. ‘So, I saw that Dot Allison article in The Independent and it made me think of […]

New release Psychedelia

For whom the Bell tolls

Andy Bell, snapped by Sharia Bell. To celebrate his fiftieth birthday, Andy Bell recently released his psychedelic summer single ‘Love Comes In Waves’. However, his half-century also led him to contemplate his mortality. Video still for ‘Love Comes In Waves’.  The seven inch is the harbinger of the new album The View From Halfway Down […]

Electronica New release

Carl Cox, Eric Clapton and me – the untold story of Sergio Vilas

First off, Señor Vilas, let’s find out a bit more about the artist behind the many musical aliases, including Kube 72 and D00sh.