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EXCLUSIVE: Arlo Parks revealed as Mercury Prize 2021 winner

I realise that 2020’s Hyundai Mercury Prize hasn’t yet been awarded, but, let’s face it, next year’s winner is done and dusted. And she hasn’t even finished her debut album yet.  I arrived to the party late and became familiar with Arlo Parks only this summer. The mesmerising, hypnotically beautiful single ‘Black Dog’ blew me away; the insistent, repetitive guitar line; her voice so rich and nuanced. It brought to my mind Nick Drake, and not just the title. New single ‘Hurt’ is as astonishing. Super funky, propelled by the percussion. Her bio states she is influenced by Portishead. I pick out elements of Martina Topley-Bird. If her singles are any marker, the lp is going to be astonishing. Award winning in fact!

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[…] Following the Mercury Prize nomination of her friend and collaborator, Hannah Peel, expect Dot to figure in the awards lists next year. Perhaps not in an explicitly commercial vehicle like the Mercurys but maybe the Novellos in recognition of the songcraft and production values on this album. Trust your humble scribe’s intuition! See my last prediction here. […]

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