It’s said that The Devil Has All the Best Tunes. In which case, please meet Thee Lucifer Sams

Thee Lucifer Sams’ frontman, Ivan Thunders, kindly provided his thoughts on Syd Barrett, psychedelia, and spontaneity. The band is currently touring with Pete Bassman supporting.

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Can you buy Uncle Kid’s stunning new single at IKEA?

Uncle Kid makes dark, brooding, understated trip hop with spoken word. Read on to discover why Tom Robinson hailed his previous single as “a song for our times”. Uncle Kid’s new single ‘Lamplig’ is out now.

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Pop provocateurs Placebo serenade ‘Beautiful James’

Why not read on to discover how Placebo created ‘Beautiful James’ – the bands first single in five years.

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Dot Allison returns with new LP that celebrates her Scottish roots

Dot Allison’s first lp in over a decade is a triumphant return of one of the UK’s finest songwriters and demonstrates her uncanny ability to gather like-minded musicians to facilitate her musical vision. She released Room 7½ in 2009 and then mostly silence, understandably so, apart from the occasional dip into soundtracks and the odd […]

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New roads (to tour) for Helicon?

Helicon are hitting the road to promote their new single, which features the legendary Will Carruthers. This post has an exclusive video interview with Helicon’s frontman that explains all about the tour, single and much more.

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The Spaceman Reissue Program – Pure Phase

Pure Phase by Spiritualized is often overlooked by fans and critics. With contributions from band members and other musicians, this article aims to raise its standing.

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Music for a Better World

Several neurodiverse young graphic score composers will highlight global concerns using the G7 summit as a backdrop.

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Which is the coolest star sign? Dope Sagittarius, of course.

NYC-based rock-punk-funk fusion outfit Dope Sagittarius returns with a new LP Sacred Places. It showcases frontman Luqman Brown’s uncanny ability to channel many of the Big Apple’s musical strands into a sound of his own.

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Can Skywalker weigh a whale without a scale?

Ok, it’s a rubbish heading, but it brought you here, right? But, please, read on, it gets better… In a remarkable twisterella, two current bandmates have been involved in extracurricular projects. Léanie Kaleido’s third album was produced by Mark Gardener; while Andy Bell has a solo single out. Keen shoegazers will note that both Gardener […]



Climate change scientists have stated that humanity has less than 10 years to take meaningful, lasting measures to safeguard the planet’s future. The Black Chapel collective made an award-winning film to raise consciousness and awareness of the situation.