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When information dies

Vibrational Mitosis… by Grover Schrayer.

“In life – identical; in death – inseparable.”

The words Chris yearned for Taylor to say for nearly as long as they had known each other. Since that first encounter at the Bollocks to Vaginas meeting. Catching sight of each other across the crowded room … they just KNEW. There and then. They would be together forever.

As one, indistinct, entity.

Surgeries, mostly undergone by Chris, had rendered them indistinguishable. Legs shortened; breasts removed. The iris transplant was traumatic, nearly leaving Chris sightless. Well, love is blind, Taylor half-joked.

Money for the procedures had never been a problem. Or the retreats as the scars healed. Chris’ inheritance was substantial.

While recuperating, they spent countless hilarious hours mimicking each other’s idiosyncrasies.

Days, alone/together, would pass in perfect silence. Conversation was unnecessary. Why chat when the response is already known?

Finally, the bodily matters had been sewn up; the physical agony had eased – it was time to spiritually conjoin.

A database would have their memories and consciousness downloaded into it. On this mortal coil, they were doppelgängers. Dead: digital ghosts. Merged. Immortal.

Naturally, they were apprehensive. It was risky, possibly deadly. Luckily, Taylor’s employer pioneered the technology they were about to submit themselves to. However, shortly before the download, the company’s compliance officer dismissed Taylor, followed by one of those periods of no conversation.

Taylor was inserting various catheters and drips into Chris, recumbent on a trolley, in a rented industrial unit. Placing electrodes on Chris’ skull, Taylor whispered gently: “I will follow you soon, my love. The system will automatically kick in after I have prepped myself.”

Chris spoke tremulously, blinking back tears: “It was love at first sight for me. I know your love isn’t as strong but we have eternity to find it for you.”

Betraying no emotion, Taylor administered the anaesthetic.

When information dies

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Pleased to see you are getting your ideas down. I like the concept a lot. Wonder if hormone, or gene therapy would may have removed the ‘traumatic’ from the procedures? In their efforts to become ‘indistinct’ they then spend ‘hours mimicking each other’s idiosyncracies – why would they? Seems counter-intuitive/improbable. I question use of ‘spiritually – prefer, given context, an alternative term. ‘Vibrational mitosis’ is scientific, of the natural world, a chemical process – achievable who knows! But do accept our ‘dopplegangers’ within that internet-web in the Cloud. Eternity is present, experienced, only in the moment! Discuss.

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