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Marie Naffah: exiting wasteland; seeking wonderland

Marie Naffah, former MTV Best Unsigned Act, is about to take the world by storm. Check out her new single ‘Wasteland’ and it’s clear why world domination awaits.

London-based soulstress Marie Naffah continues her incredible run of brilliant singles with the release of ‘Wasteland’, which is taken from an EP out later this year.

The bassline will hook you in, then you’ll get lost in her characteristically imagery-laden lyrics. And like Alice in Wonderland, you won’t mind in the least.

Will you drink my water, if it’s all that’s left to drink?
I could turn it into wine, you’d still pour it down the sink

Marie explained her thinking about the lyrics: “I wanted the song to move in and out of two lands – The Wasteland and Wonderland. Wasteland – the home of self-doubt, apathy and vulnerability is articulated through the verses whilst Wonderland is a space of confidence, power and energy that pulsates through the chorus. After the year we’ve all had, I feel it is a song for people who seek to find their own version of Wonderland in 2021.”

The accompanying video shows two different personas. And, Marie asks, with more than a little ambiguity: “Am I everything that you want?” Then flips it: “I am everything that you want.”

As she describes above, life is rarely cut and dried; people will return to former (bad) behaviours (or relationships) despite knowing the lapse will likely not be beneficial.

But, rest assured Marie, keep releasing singles as good as this and the answer will be an unequivocal YES, you are everything that we want!

‘Wasteland’ official teaser

‘Wasteland’ is available now through all the usual providers. Treat your ears and soul here:

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