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Can you buy Uncle Kid’s stunning new single at IKEA?

Uncle Kid makes dark, brooding, understated trip hop with spoken word. Read on to discover why Tom Robinson hailed his previous single as “a song for our times”. Uncle Kid’s new single ‘Lamplig’ is out now.

Well, the short answer to that question is nej. However, it is available via all your usual online retailers.

Uncle Kid, described as “an act that sits somewhere between Arab Strap and Massive Attack”, releases his stunning new single, ‘Lamplig’, which was ‘inspired’ by a trip to everyone’s favourite Swedish superstore.

Uncle Kid, aka Craig Nicholson, provides the background: “It’s a folky trip hop/spoken word narrative about a lonely wander through IKEA suffering an existential crisis.”

Uncle Kid – Lamplig

Through brilliant arrangement, sublime acoustic guitar, and deadpan delivery, Uncle Kid transports us from the often mundane aspects of everyday life to a much happier place.

His dark musings have received acclaim from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson who described the Edinburgh-based musician as “an unsettling Scottish artist”. BBC Scotland’s Vic Galloway provided the Arab Strap and Massive Attack comparison quoted above.

Uncle Kid was quite chuffed about Robinson’s description: “It made me laugh, but I quite like it! I’ve certainly been called worse things.”

‘Lamplig’, the second single from Uncle Kid’s debut EP, ‘Indistinct Chatter’, is out now and features remixes from Junkyard of Silenced Poets, Jordan Stanley, and Michael Steele.

He can also be found on all your favourite social medias. But probably not at your local IKEA.

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