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You wait ages for one … then three Robin Guthrie releases come along

Few musicians can claim as distinctive a sound as Robin Guthrie. After a 40-year career, he continues to produce music that captivates and enthrals. Read on to find out more about Guthrie’s creative burst.

Legendary Cocteau Twins guitarist Robin Guthrie caps off a hugely productive year with the release of a new EP ‘Riviera’.

This follows the ‘Mockingbird Love’ four-track EP in October and the Pearldiving LP in November. ‘Mockingbird Love’ was his first new music since Another Flower, the 2020 album he released with Harold Budd just days before Budd’s death. It’s Guthrie’s first solo work since Fortune in 2021.

About ‘Riviera’, Guthrie said: “I made this collection earlier this year while taking a break from recording Pearldiving. I found a common thread among several unfinished tunes, that curiously, they had all been written on the southern shore of some landmass or other in the northern hemisphere. I was pleasantly surprised when they all fell into place together and retained this atmosphere in my head.”

Here is not the place to attempt a review of his latest offerings. After a career spanning four decades there isn’t much more that can be written about Guthrie and his unique sound. Suffice to say, his new work is consistently brilliant; oftentimes achingly gorgeous.

So, let’s allow the great man describe in his own words.

Regarding Pearldiving, Robin said: “After Another Flower, I felt the need to break my studio down and build it up again afresh to clear my head.”

“The dawn of many of my previous releases was travel. I loved being somewhere new to work but, for a while now, the pandemic hasn’t permitted that. So earlier this year I “stayed at home” and created Pearldiving. This is my first instrumental album since ‘Fortune’ and I guess I had some feelings to process.”

Speaking about the first of the three releases, he said: “Of late I’ve been very focused on my instrumental music, which is increasingly an intense endeavour, all the more so as I don’t really share it with anyone. ‘Mockingbird Love’ is the first small collection of music that I have felt comfortable to release for a while.

‘Mockingbird Love’ is concise, to the point, with a big sound and baritone guitars. But it’s just an appetizer as my November release and subsequent December releases will show. I have everything in production now and, hmmm, what could go wrong?”

Happy to report that absolutely nothing went wrong. These latest records fit beautifully into Robin Guthrie’s incredible catalogue.

  • Robin Guthrie Riviera cover artwork
  • Robin Guthrie Pearldiving cover artwork
  • Robin Guthrie Mockingbird Love cover artwork He admits to being social media averse; however, he can be found in all the usual places.

There isn’t much more that can be written about Robin Guthrie and his unique sound. Suffice to say, his new work is consistently brilliant; oftentimes achingly gorgeous.

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