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Applefest 30!

George Appleton is throwing a party and y’all are invited. Applefest 30 will take place at Radio City Social in Chelmsford on 1 July. Please see his preview below.

The idea for Applefest 30 came about as I’ve been around the sun thirty times now and wanted to be completely self-indulgent, booking some incredible acts all in one place.

After speaking to Daniel Harvey, Radio City Social owner, about the potential of running a gig he appeared worried. A Saturday night is a particularly busy night for any venue trying to survive in today’s climate. A week later, after seeing the initial interest, he started talking about outside railings to keep the crowd in. It was all going to be okay. 

I’ve been running or helping to run gigs in Chelmsford for around thirteen years now, from doing comedy in Ancient Lights and the Hothouse (both now don’t exist), to the Fling Festival and Baydays. Supporting the local music and arts scene is very important to me.

Enough about me though, let’s talk about why you should come to the gig. Well, firstly it’s free entry. Don’t we all like something for gratis? Secondly, it’s in an easy-to-get-to location by rail, bus, or foot so stumbling back will be fairly straightforward. Thirdly, the venue is fantastic, excellent beer, friendly staff, and an altogether welcoming atmosphere.

Starting off the entertainment we have Russell Betts, a local DJ, who will be fresh back from Glastonbury Festival. Luke Fisher, long-time friend and acoustic wonder, then Hilary Cornell will be joining us working her magic.

On to the bands! We have Paolo Morena, looping master and all-round good guy, Three Birds Blind will be regaling us with music most enchanting, The Lemoncurd Kids (who will have released a new song on 30 June!) Well known, local legends all and … if that wasn’t enough, headlining the night will be the mighty Grizzly Bears! Prepare for hip hop, face-melting girth rock!

Hope to see you all at Applefest 30! Should be a great day.

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