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Andrew Hung delivers his Promises

The co-founder of Fuck Buttons returns with his second solo album and a video that’ll change your opinion of fruit salads forever.

Pineapples seem to stir weird emotions in people. Some people think they symbolise hospitality; others get really riled if they see ananas on a pizza.

However, in the feverish minds of Andrew Hung and Jim Hosking the tropical delight takes on a far more sinister guise.

See for yourself:

The video promotes the new single ‘Promises’ by Andrew Hung, co-founder of hugely influential noise-electronic duo Fuck Buttons.

Hosking, whose first feature film The Greasy Strangler won Best Comedy at the Empire Film Awards 2017, said: “the music video is absolutely filled to the brim with dread and is terrifying”.

Conversely, ‘Promises’ bounces jauntily along, powered by a bass line to die for, trademark Fuck Buttons instrumental swoops, with Hung’s vocals surprisingly strong.

Hung said: “this was the first track I wrote that had the beginnings of a sound for the record. Promises is about the start of a journey or perhaps the end of one, but the signifier is that change is upon us whether we want it or not.”

It is the second single taken from the forthcoming Devastations lp, which is released by Lex Records on June 18.

Single artwork on the left; lp artwork on the right.

Hung wrote, performed, produced, and mixed the whole album himself. But his artistic expression doesn’t stop there: he also painted the self-portraits that have been used for the single and album artwork.

Main photo credit: Zoe Davis.

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