Climate change scientists have stated that humanity has less than 10 years to take meaningful, lasting measures to safeguard the planet’s future. The Black Chapel collective made an award-winning film to raise consciousness and awareness of the situation.

The outcomes of the UN Climate Change Conference, which is being held in Glasgow in November 2021, could have the most far-reaching consequences for the world’s ecological survival.

In advance of this, the Black Chapel Collective embarked on a series of multimedia events to highlight the seriousness of our shared predicament.

Musicians, video artists, rappers, poets, and dancers came together to create a film – Connect – which has gone on to be nominated for many international film awards, and recently won the Hollywood International Film Festival Best Music Feature.

Closer to the UK, Talvin Singh has supported the collaboration:
“Great work the Black Chapel Collective are doing at this challenging time in the world.”

Check out the amazing film below and please take some time to reflect on the messages, for all our sakes.

The Black Chapel Collective – Connect

Last year, Even Butterflies Make A Sound interviewed Steve Mortimer of the Black Chapel Collective. He provided some personal insights about art and ecology and previewed the Connect project.

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