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What’s the ‘Freakquency’, Helicon?

Exciting goings-on at the Fuzz Club label as it releases the new EP by Helicon (Glasgow) and signs The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Helicon (Glasgow) has released its new ‘Freakquency‘ EP on the Fuzz Club label around the same time that the label announced the signing of indie godfathers The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Both bands hail from East Kilbride, which led John-Paul Hughes, of Helicon, to quip: “We’re not even the biggest band from EK on our own label now 😂😂😂 Well done Fuzz Club!”

COVID cannot stop Helicon getting its freak on

At the start of the year, Helicon took full advantage of yet more COVID-enforced disruption to hit the studio and record another psychedelic masterpiece.

It was cathartic and therapeutic to let rip on a big tune like that after all the frustrations of cancelled gigs, tours and recordings.


Check out the “bloomin'” great video below and bear witness to the creative process of a group that is awesome to behold. This monster track will have fans licking their lips for a new lp that will be released, hopefully, in a year’s time. The potential of this band is staggering.

Helicon – ‘Freakquency’

Messi to Fuzz Club?

Last, and by no means least, the news about JAMC, a band whose influence cannot be overstated, which broke the ground for Helicon and so many others.

Fuzz Club head honcho Casper Dee said:  “I’m not going to lie, it feels a bit like we’ve signed Messi! The importance of the Mary Chain can’t be overstated. They have been an inspiration to pretty much every band we’ve ever worked with and our musical landscape would be very different had it not been for the Reid brothers. So for us, it’s an honour to get the opportunity to work with a band of their stature. There aren’t many bands like this around!”

William and Jim Reid.


So, nearly forty years after The Jesus and Mary Chain set the pop world alight, yet another group from the musical hotspot of East Kilbride is creating a stir. Isn’t it time you tuned into their Freakquency, Kenneth?

In case it wasn’t obvious.

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