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Drone-pop duo Erasers’ new LP/UK tour

Rupert Thomas and Rebecca Orchard release Constant Connection, their third LP, and will play a handful of UK shows.

Australian drone-pop duo Erasers standing on a green-topped hill against a light-blue horizon.
Erasers – bringing us the horizon?

So, I was having a lovely walk in the sunshine, streaming Spotify (I know, I know – it’s kinda taboo) on the headphones. For some reason, the stream went on a random search and starts playing drone-pop duo Erasers’ brilliant single ‘Constant Connection’.

It’s fair to say I’m hooked on the band from first listen.

Erasers’ Australian-style kosmiche

Think Suicide going on a date with Beach House chaperoned by Nico. That good.

However, the sunny promo shot above (taken somewhere near their home city of Perth, Australia I imagine) may be misleading. Erasers’ music is dark. Moody and captivating. Utterly minimal. The same drum machine pattern seemingly shuffles in and out of more than one track and the synth lines are mesmerising, with electric guitar occasionally cutting through to relieve the tension for a short while.

My experience, happily, is that when the listener gets into Erasers’ sound, you go in deep. You get drawn in and it’s great to stick around.

Consequently, and to mangle the old Remington advertising slogan (ask your grandparents, kids), I fell for Erasers so much I flew them to England to play. Obviously, that’s not wholly true, but the duo, comprising vocalist/synth player Rebecca Orchard and Rupert Thomas on guitar and synths, will play at Chelmsford’s Hot Box, as part of a short UK tour, on 17 August. Tickets are available here. They have come such a long way and deserve a decent turn out.

Upcoming live shows promoted by Even Butterflies Make A Sound

But first up, this blog is promoting a show by another singular artist the brilliant violist Alison Cotton (check out the preview here on July 16). Her new lp has received rave reviews and the much-revered Mercury Rev tweeted:

Mercury Rev’s tweet about Alison Cotton’s new LP.

That’s high praise indeed.

And, as if that’s not all, EBMaS is promoting a psychedelic triple-header in November. Asteroid No. 4, from San Francisco; Magic Shoppe (Boston, Massachusetts); and Magic Seas (Chelmsford, Essex) will be bringing three different psyche flavours to make a tasty concoction. Tickets available here.


Let’s return to drone-pop duo Erasers. Even though theirs is definitely a kosmiche sound, associated with the likes of Neu! or Cluster et al., the genesis of their sound is so different. It may be inspired by the remoteness of their hometown and the wide-open spaces surrounding them. Utterly beguiling. Thank you Spotify for revealing them to me!

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