The Asteroid No. 4 event will be a magical night

The Asteroid No. 4, Magic Shoppe, and Magic Seas come together for a sensational psychedelic session at Chelmsford’s Hot Box on November 7.

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Psychedelia from the Bay Area to the Bay State to Essex

The Asteroid No. 4, (San Francisco, California) and Magic Shoppe (Boston, Massachusetts) fire up a joint European tour at the end of October. Chelmsford’s own Magic Seas, who are making big waves of their own, provide the hometown support.

Both the Stateside bands have substantial discographies. Eleven albums in A4’s case. It is nigh-on impossible to distil the groups’ essence in such a preview. Best thing to do is head over to Bandcamp, or similar, and immerse yourself thoroughly in their respective sounds.

That said, A4’s most recent lp Tones of the Sparrow bagged a five out of five review in Shindig! magazine. Magic Shoppe’s new limited-edition EP ‘Patty Hearst’ is a head-long rush into shoegaze-punk. Turn your back and you’ll miss it: all four tracks combined clock in under six minutes! See the iconoclastic video below.

The Prudence brothers are coming out to play-hey-hey

Magic Seas comprises brothers James and John Prudence. The duo’s debut album Paint the Waves, out on 21 October, dives deep into their cascading dream-pop sound. Ride frontman Mark Gardener (no stranger to these pages) co-produced and mixed the debut platter at his OX4 Sound studio.

Magic Seas Paint the Waves lp artwork.
The Asteroid No.4 ‘Windmill of the Autumn Sky’ video.
Magic Shoppe ‘A Star Turns Blue’ video.

It’s thrilling for Even Butterflies Make A Sound to present another cracking night of music following the recent Erasers and Alison Cotton shows. Advance ticket purchases are appreciated by the venue in terms of budgeting, plus it’s more expensive on the door! Your continued support is absolutely valued.

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