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Teleman: enjoy your ‘Short Life’

Indie-popsters Teleman may have lost a founder member, but the band still write insanely catchy records.

The London-based band’s new single ‘Short Life’ is proof positive. The song motors along joyously and is as sunny as the summer sunshine in the promotional video. The message from Teleman here is positivity. However, while the song sounds totally upbeat, the lyrics are a plea to live every moment to the full.

Look out the window, there’s Jesus standing there, take a picture, share it online, what’s on the TV? It’s a short life.

The power of positivity

Thomas Sanders explains, “This song is an affirmation that life is priceless and precious even though things can seem heavy. I often get lost for days and weeks in a really low place where I’m just waiting to come out the other side. In these depressive moments it helps to remind myself that it’s a short life – days are limited so let’s snap out of it!”

Teleman stand alongside Metronomy, Field Music and Dutch Uncles in the smart pop ranks, yet sound unlike any of them.


Teleman’s fourth album

‘Short Life’ is the first taster from Teleman’s new album. It’s their first in five years, Good Time/Hard Time and is their first as a trio. The band has evolved as a force of nature as they navigate new beginnings despite a wealth of experience behind them. Music and lyrical stream of consciousness entwined, the album sets out to make sense of a world in chaos. Despite the themes of detachment, Good Time/Hard Time is their most dancefloor-friendly record to date.

Colourful photo of shoeless indie-pop trio Teleman
Telepeople (left to right): Peter Cattermoul, Thomas Sanders, and Hiro Amamiya.

Long-time Teleman keyboard player Jonny Sanders left to focus on his film and design work. Peter Cattermoul now leads on keyboard duties and Hiro Amamiya slides seamlessly between drum machine, live drums, and even the odd keyboard solo.


It’s clear that many people will be experiencing tough times in their lives at the moment. We should take heed of Teleman’s wise words and remember we live a ‘Short Life’ in the grand scheme of things.

Good Time/Hard Time is out on 7 April 2023 on Moshi Moshi.

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