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Feel the Energy of Damo Suzuki

Energy: A documentary about Damo Suzuki is a brilliant new film featuring the enigmatic, much-loved former CAN frontman. He is best known as the vocalist, between 1970 and 1973, of the seminal kosmische band. At this time, CAN was undoubtedly at its creative peak and Damo was the perfectly lithe, livewire frontman.

Energy: A documentary about Damo Suzuki trailer.

Energy: the film clearly demonstrates the power of love

Over five years, documentary maker Michelle Heighway filmed Damo and the ever-loving and supportive Elke Morsbach during a particularly difficult period. Damo was battling colon cancer and had 40 operations between 2014 and 2017. He also survived cancer in 1983.

Damo and Elke.

As ever in his musical life, the itinerant Damo was on a never-ending tour. Moving from venue to venue, he improvises with local musicians around the world, known as ‘soundcarriers’. I was lucky enough to see Damo perform with The Early Years who wrote the awesome single ‘All Ones and Zeroes’. Mogwai, Black Midi, and Bo Ningen have all been part of his Network.

Damo and soundcarriers in Leeds.

The film documents this process, which to the onlooker can seem precarious at best. However, Damo remains utterly committed, unbowed, to his way of working.


Speaking of her inspiration, Michelle said: “Damo and I wanted to create a piece of work that inspired people. The documentary is a wonderful story of resilience and hope. It’s a personal portrait of the life and times of a nomad, poet and enigmatic singer on an incredible journey.”

Please click on the link to watch my interview with Damo, Elke, and Michelle. Even such a short clip demonstrates the power of love, the all-powerful ENERGY. It is obvious that it courses through them and surely acts as a healing force.

A quick chat with Elke, Michelle, and Damo, hosted by yours truly.

Energy: A documentary about Damo Suzuki was featured in this year’s Doc’n Roll Festival. Getting It Back: The Story of Cymande received the Jury Award for Documentary of the Year.

Major thanks to Michelle for her help with this article. The poster and photos are her copyright.

Damo’s latest LP, with the Spiritzualic Enhancement Center, is available via Akuphone.

A copy of one of Damo’s beautiful artworks.

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