Save the Hot Box

Hot Box was the venue when, in January 2020, this blog* took the plunge into gig promotion and set up a headline show for Giant Drag.

This was back in the day when COVID-19 was mostly in the news as a problem in other countries. Just a few weeks later the UK was in lockdown. After emerging from that uncertain period, the country now finds itself in a cost-of-living crisis.

A few years of economic turbulence that hammered companies of all sizes, but especially harmful to a <100 capacity music venue trying to establish itself.

Hot Box Crowdfund appeal

Now the owner, Dave Hughes, has issued a crowdfund appeal to secure its immediate future. It comes at a time when most people must budget even more carefully. But any donation, or a visit to the fantastic venue (and its incredibly well-stocked bar), or even to share this appeal on social media will help. Please click here for details.

It’s difficult to believe that a town the size of Chelmsford cannot support one dedicated music venue. We can look back misty eyed to the places we used to have. The Y Club, Army & Navy, The Placcy, The Triangle, and The Box at the Post Office. Now the county town faces the prospect of none at all.

Entertainment for all!

And we mustn’t forget there is so much more going on at Hot Box:

  • quizzes and games nights
  • poetry readings
  • chess events
  • drag and cabaret
  • stand-up comedy
  • workshops
  • music industry training
  • and much more.

Something for most everyone.


So, if you live locally and you haven’t been … now’s the time to get down. If you are reading this miles away, please take some time to donate. It’s a great cause. At the time of writing, the fund stands at 38% of the target total. There are two weeks left for the appeal to run. Thanks for your time.

*Obviously it would be negligent to not mention this blog’s next promotion. The fantastic psych-folk trio Sairie will be playing at Hot Box at the next Folk Sunday on, July 16. Please purchase tickets here.

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4 replies on “Save the Hot Box”

Unfortunately for Dave @ Hotbox,& for all of the rest of us,we live in a town with a bunch of cunts for a council ! they have NEVER funded anything worthwhile, ever ! they are not interested in the arts, & they certainly don’t care about any of us music loving people, or our views on anything,they would rather waste their fucking time & tax payers money making wicker tanks & a wicker crown to put on a roundabout ! or build a useless single lane flyover in the 80’s, then tear it down & put traffic lights in its place on the army & navy ! ? that’s about all you need to know about CHELMSFORD COUNCIL ! sorry i forgot to mention the newly re-furbished civic theater which has the new facade of a walmart supermarket, mind you it only cost 3.25 MILLION,only 2.25 MILLION over budget ! really ! seriously ! that’s a lot of expensive lunches @ the good ole tax payers expense ! would they put up with this shit in FRANCE ? no they fucking wouldn’t !
So i think we need to be more like the french & do something more constructive to try to save the hotbox,the whole mentality of these people in charge has to be challenged,& they have to be questioned on every level,these people are exactly that , just people & not higher beings than us mere mortals, as they like to think they are !
Councils are exactly the same as the govt. they are elected by the public to SERVE the public & do as we tell them ,not the other way round,contrary to popular belief ! anybody who knows the correct history of common law etc, will know this to be true, so its long overdue & about time they listened to what the public have to say with regards to the towns most sacred of all live music venues, THE HOTBOX !

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