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Tidal Love Numbers unites Andy Bell and Masal in astral jazz

Tidal Love Numbers is the mesmerising new LP by Andy Bell and Masal. While great musicians seem to gravitate towards each other, there certainly was good fortune that led to such a remarkable collaboration.

Lucky in the way that Ride guitarist and songwriter Andy Bell and Masal’s Al Johnson and Oz Simsek met each other and eventually create and record together.

Chance encounter

Al, has performed and released records as Alien. Oz, studied classical harp while growing up in Turkey. They bumped into each other in a thrift store in beautiful Leigh-on-Sea in Essex and connected over a shared love of electronic and world music. They released their debut album Charity Shop in 2020.

Years later, Masal supported Andy at an Independent Venue Week event at Chelmsford’s Hot Box and they clicked.

Shared love of jazz and shoegaze

They bonded over Promises, the collaboration between Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, and The London Symphony Orchestra.

“After hearing it, I felt there was something in that area for me. If I found the right collaborators,” says Andy. “So, I was kind of on the lookout from that point. I’ve always loved the sound of harp music. Alice Coltrane and Joanna Newsom are both firm favourites. So, when I met Oz and Al, it seemed like it could be a good combination.”

“The moment Andy mentioned his love of the Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders album, I knew we were thinking along the same lines,” says Oz. “As a lifelong shoegazer, Al already shared a common musical background and direction, but we got chatting over texts and emails and very soon we were exchanging musical ideas.”

The album is made up of four mesmerising, meandering instrumental tracks. They combine Andy’s incredible guitar playing with Al’s analogue synths and Oz’s heavenly harp.

Filmmaker Jean de Oliveira made atmospheric videos for all of the tracks. You can watch one below along with Andy’s description of the track.

“Frozen glaciers of guitar and waterfalls of harp over fields of synth drones on the first track we worked on together.”


It’s time for you to submerge yourself in Tidal Love Numbers. Let it wash all over you and let yourself drift away in bliss.

Tidal Love Numbers is available now through Sonic Cathedral.

Andy Bell and Masal will be DJing at the Independent Label Market at Coal Drops Yard in London tomorrow (Saturday, May 20). They will sign copies of the album at the Sonic Cathedral stall.

On Sunday, May 21 they make their live debut at The Social in London. Richard Pike aka Deep Learning supports; special guest DJ is Richard Norris. Tickets are on sale now.

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