Art exhibition

Resonance: Wilding Chelmsford

On a truly rank autumn day, your intrepid reporter braved the elements to check out a unique art installation in Chelmsford town centre.

As one who normally avoids shopping centres at all costs, especially during a pandemic, the oasis provided by the Resonance team was remarkable. A truly welcome retreat.

It demonstrated what people can achieve with no little imagination, dedication, and official support. So hats off to Chelmsford City Council’s Future City Project and Essex 2020 on that score.

Andrew Wright and Chris Adam provided the soundscape. They dropped poems and spoken word by Essex Steamettes, Katie Deverell, Linda Middleton, Rebecca Hughes, and Shane Ibbs into the mix.

The thought-provoking visuals were supplied by Elspeth Maunders, who submitted two murals, and entrants from the Chelmsford City Events Photo Competition.

“Bringing a sense of calm to a busy shopping centre and provoking conversations about how our lives, driven by consumption, is damaging the place we call home.” This was the stated aim of the organisers. They made a great start.

We look forward to next year’s event, with the overbearing Covid threat surely dissipated, when the Wilding project can return for more people to engage with. I would like to say ‘enjoy’ but the existential threat we face requires a more reflective stance.


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